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WElcome to the ncgia!

be a part of the cat grooming revolution!

By joining the National Cat Groomers Institute of America, Inc., you are taking an active role to grow and promote the education of cat grooming around the globe. Our goal as an organization is to provide you the resources, training and support to not only elevate your knowledge and techniques, but to also help educate cat owners. 

The NCGIA is the original feline-specific groomers’ association to ever be formed. It has quickly grown into an international organization with members from all over North America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and South America. We exist to serve professional cat groomers around the world.

We also offer certification for cat groomers to achieve and demonstrate their abilities, by earning the title of "Certified Feline Master Groomer." The NCGIA is the first organization to provide a high standard of excellence in the cat grooming industry and we are proud to continue to push this industry forward with innovative products,  training platforms, seminar events, and more. Contact us today to find out more about signing up for membership!

Why join the ncgia?

Formed in 2007, the National Cat Groomers Institute of America, Inc. is the premier cat groomers organization.


The Complete Training Syllabus contains all study materials you'll need to grow your cat groomer business and take your skills to the next level. 

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Already have your books and DVDs? Then your next step is in the Online Syllabus.

Hands-On Training

Private instruction is the best way to bring your cat grooming to the next level. We have Approved Trainers and Certifiers available all over the world. Get customized assistance in the trainer's salon on cats of a variety of temperaments, behaviors and getting to see and work on many grooming services and techniques.


Danelle German, Founder and President of NCGIA, travels frequently to trade show events, private workshops and training in all corners of the globe. Hands-on workshops and seminars cover a range of cat grooming topics including, business inspiration and growth, lion cut demonstrations, Q&A during live cat grooming tutorials, and much more! Check out our Events page for more information.


Step 1

Join the NCGIA as a member, by filling out an application and submitting the $60.00 membership fee. 

Step 2

Purchase the Complete Training Syllabus to get a step-by-step guide and dive right into studying for your CFMG exams and expanding your cat grooming knowledge, skills, and business savvy. 

Step 3

Take your written exams with a proctor near you, including librarians at a local library. They can also be taken at trade shows or workshops NCGIA attends.

  • Temperament & Handling
  • Breeds, Colors and Genetics
  • Anatomy & Health
  • Business Management

Step 4

Get hands-on training to hone your cat grooming techniques to prepare you for your practical exams. They include:

  • Long-Haired Full Coat Groom
  • Short-Haired Full Coat Groom
  • Lion Cut - Standard
  • Lion Cut - Variation
  • Comb Cut

Step 5

When you are ready, arrange for a NCGIA certifier to administer your practical exams. They must be done in-person. A minimum of 2-3 cats to complete all grooming elements required for the 5 practical exams. 


Facebook Groups

The NCGIA hosts 3 active Facebook groups for cat groomers around the world to share ideas, experiences, and more with one another. 

Intro to Cat Grooming is a group for groomers of all experience levels to ask questions and "test out the waters" of the cat grooming industry.

NCGIA Members is a group for all active members, and the private group CFMG Cat Chat is for groomers who have achieved their Certified Feline Master Groomer title. 

Marketing Materials

The NCGIA webstore offers a variety of marketing tools to help you grow your business and educate your clients. 

  • Educational brochures
  • Grooming Styles flipcharts
  • Grooming Services posters
  • Website Content
  • High-Resolution Photo Packages


Want a seasoned perspective on your business goals? Looking for critique of your cat grooms to see how close you are to certification? 

NCGIA President Danelle German and staff are available for private consultations. This can include in-person meetings, phone/Skype calls, or email evaluations of photos, business plans, etc. Contact the NCGIA office for schedule availability and pricing. 


Become a cfmg!

Start with the Complete Training Syllabus. This contains all study materials required for the CFMG written exams.

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When you are ready to take an exam, complete an exam registration form with your proctor's mailing address. Exams will be graded once they are sent back to the NCGIA office.

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Find an Approved Trainer or Certifier near you for your hands-on training to prepare for your practical exams. 

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Upcoming events

No events available

Past events

March 09, 2017 Atlanta Pet Fair
February 16, 2017 Groom Expo West

life as a cfmg

Certified Feline Master Groomers are the elite of the cat grooming world. They are able to not only make cats of all breeds look beautiful, but are knowledgeable in cat temperaments, health concerns and recognizing any problems before they become disastrous. 


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